Like Ravens in Winter

When aggressive television network news producer, Elle McCord is assigned to Iraq at the beginning of the Gulf War, she feels her career is beginning to take off. But when her mother informs her that her elderly and ill aunt is about to give away the family farm, Elle takes a detour to try and stop the man who is at the heart of it all. On the rural Pennsylvania farm, Elle's horrific childhood memories surface and what she learns about the mysterious stranger who is swindling her aunt is nothing like what she expected. Elle finally leaves for Iraq, but when she arrives, she meets Faiza, an Iraqi translator who teaches her about the sacrifices of family and love and what home really means.

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What People Are Saying

"Hooked from the very first sentence! I was fascinated with the dichotomy of Elle's life; her drive to find the real story juxtaposed with discovering her own "real" story. I not only related to Elle as a journalist, but as a woman. This is a fantastic book club book.
Everyone should grab a glass of "chilled" red wine and read it!"

Mary Sturgill
KBMT - TV Texas

"Brenda Stanley's expertly told story about this crazy news business is a story about us all."

Alex Cabrero
KSL TV - Salt Lake City