About Me

My Novels

I wrote my first novel at age seventeen and most of the stories I tell involve some suspense and mystery. I'm a journalist and former television news anchor and investigative reporter for the NBC affiliate in Eastern Idaho. I covered crime and court stories for years and use that experience in many of my novels. I enjoy putting my characters in challenging situations and seeing how they react.

My Cookbooks

I've been cooking since I was a child and love creating and sharing my recipes. I was the host of a cooking show on KPVI-TV for 10 years and I love cooking, gardening, and creating dishes that involve both of those hobbies. I've written a newspaper column for years featuring my recipes and do video tutorials to go along with them. Visit my recipe website for lots of delicious and simple dishes.    talesofthedinnerbelle.com

My Life


After years of television news and raising five children, including two sets of twins, I now devote my time to writing, cooking, gardening, and grandkids! My husband, Dave is a veterinarian and we live on a small ranch in Blackfoot, Idaho with our dogs, horses, chickens, sheep, and whatever else I decide to add to what Dave calls my “petting zoo”.