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The Treasure of Cedar Creek

The Novel

When three young women escape a polygamous splinter group hidden in Idaho’s vast wilderness of 1896, their flight may free them from the horrors of forced marriage and abuse, but what they discover about the religious sect and the connection with their own lives and family secrets is even more disturbing.  



"A story of survival and triumph. A 19th century tale of three women who find their way to freedom, and along the way their paths are woven into a very twisted and surprising ending." Alex Smith- NFL Quarterback

“It's a vivid, twisted tale of a dark time and culture as three women struggle toward freedom” Javier Soto- Good Morning Arizona

“The reader’s emotions plunge and soar, intertwined in the lives of three young women who survive unthinkable horrors that rip a family apart - but bind them together in a quest to escape.” Tracie Potts- NBC News 

"I loved The Treasure of Cedar Creek! The characters in the book are so vividly described and so genuine that you can't help but empathize with them. The book reads like a journal in many ways, making you feel like you're reliving actual historical events. As the story builds, you can't put the book down; you wanna know what's going to happen next! It's an intricate story with just the right amount of twists and turns. I highly recommend The Treasure of Cedar Creek." 

Mike Parsons

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The Treasure of Cedar Creek

The Novel