Idaho Gems- 3 generations of Doctor Calls in Eastern Idaho.

The story of three doctors who have taken their profession and their name very seriously.

Idaho Gems- 3-D Printer

The Idaho Museum of Natural History at ISU's latest acquisition isn’t something that will be part of a display, but actually used in creating new ones.

Idaho Gems- Boyd Prestige

An Idaho dairy farmer who found a hobby that has changed his life.

Idaho Gems- The Smith Brothers

Twins who are also both sheriff's deputies

Idaho Gems- Wiley Petersen

He was ranked as 3rd in the world in bull-riding. He has now gone from the arena to the exam room.

Oneida Pioneer Museum

The relics and history of the Oneida Pioneer Museum in Malad, Idaho. 

Voices from the Grave

Jacque Alvord wants the soldiers from the Civil and Spanish American wars who are buried in the Mountain View cemetery in Pocatello, Idaho to be remembered.

Second Career

Brad Barlow goes from a popular radio DJ to a second career as a photographer. 

Hell's Half Acre Trails

See the trails hidden in the craggy, black, lava beds at the Hell's Half Acre rest area. 

Outdoor Journalist

Her place among men

Harriman State Park

This park is a hidden gem, especially in the winter.

Idaho Gems

Justice the Zoo dog

Idaho Gems

The Wood River Trail

Idaho Gems

Americana Collector

Idaho Gems

Miniature Railroad Club

Idaho Gems

Fish Hatchery

Idaho Gems

Raccoon Man

Idaho Gems

Gymnastics Gem